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A Company of Space Wolves

Here's my company of Space Wolves. I got a few, liked painting them, and then I got a few more. Then I figured I should flesh it out to a nice round 100 of them to make a company.

Click the pic for a larger version of the whole mischpuka in all it's glory.

I am not going to show a close up of every squad, but that one shows off the colour scheme I picked. GW and SW lore tells you the basics, and I like that, having a reference and all. But if you've ever read histories that include uniform colours or even seen pictures, you been, "well, that's not exactly the same thing ..."

The only thing I know about uniforms for sure, is that they aren't.

So I went with a metallic light blue as the base and a yellow ochre (a muted tone) with gold trim for the pauldrons. The left the weapons and backpacks in gunmetal for some contrast, but still fitting with the basic scheme.

I didn't do the SW logon on the pauldrons, because it was really fiddly to paint/draw and I didn't want them all looking different. (I did that for my Iron Snakes, but that has a reason ...).

I did, however, give them squad colours. Each squad of ten has a different colour of wolf tail. So you can tell them apart. This is pretty helpful for the "generic" I-got-a-bolter-you-got-a-bolter-too-what-are-the-odds ones.

Terminators and a Dreadnaught. I think this Dread has a name. Something like Fred the Left-Handed. Or something. Probably not since "fred" is how you say "peace" in several Scandinavian languages. Don't name your viking (space or otherwise) Fred.

Not super clear in this photo, but the black heads are all "beakies", so they are the Norse myth ravens. There's more than just Hugin and Munin, but, hey, if you're gonna do it, over do it.

I remember this Dreadnaught's name - MurderFang. I just makes you want to run up and hug him. I'm naming my next puppy that!

This was my first squad of SW. They were so much fun, they made the rest of this happen.

And air support. I threw in a couple of these. It is the Guardians of the Galaxy space ship. They went on sale a few months after the movies (most movie toys do this; mark your calendars), go I nabbed four and put two of them to this purpose. All four probably cost less than one GW bird. It comes with four wings, but they detach, so I went with this look and added my SW paint scheme.