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Cold War Monument

Don't have any WIP pictures for building this, but I have a breakdown below. Basically, it's just assemble it, paint it dark grey, then drybrush with downward strokes only in lighter grey, then very lightly with white.

So, the bits and bobs breakdown:

  • Red - Three Heroclix figures. This one was a Yellow Lantern figure with three really cool translucent dogs. So I got a few cheap for the dogs, but the figure is in a wierd, summoning stuff out of my ring pose. It works pretty well in this use, though.
  • Blue - Star shaped bead. I have a set of random cheap plastic beads for just this purpose. Tons of little round/oval ones make great greeblies in general. The random shape set gets you the cool accent stuff like stars, fish, etc. I need to live 1,000 years to use them all up.
  • Purple - Jar lid. Always wash, possibly sanitize in the washing machine food lids you use for scratchbuilding!
  • Yellow - Pill bottle lid. The ridging and rings make a good pedastal base. I unfortunately have a renewable supply...
  • Orange - Little foam star. Three of these around the pill bottle top, to match the three figures. Like the beads, buy one pack of adhesive foam shapes then send me a picture of the warehouse full of wargame projects you did to use it all up.
  • Green - Cardboard disc I cut to just under the diameter of the jar lid.
Well, that's it! Happy scratchbuilding!