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So I picked up some sci fi conex boxes on sale from Miniature Market. Nice pieces. Good price. And ... I found out that you actually get one free container with every three you buy!

Well, you can if you want. Here is a pic of all the pieces removed and primed. There is also supposed to be a box bottom. I almost never put bottoms on terrain as not doing so gives you the opportunity to easily put stuff inside.

Also, the three extra bottom pieces I am not using can make three sides for another container. On the sheet there is snough left over material to make one end cap. So with three containers, you get one extra one free. If you don't want bottoms.

The other nice thing about these containers is that you punch out the "bone" shape so the corrugated piece shows through. That gives you an extra piece that mimics the design on the boxes themselves.

As you can see in this pic, I glued the punchout bone shapes on the flat pieces made from the container bottoms. This gives them a visual design relationship to the other containers.

Because of the dimensions, you can also see that the extra container is a little smaller than the regular ones. Still, is is a comparable size and works well with them. It even gives a little variation, which is always a plus in my book.

Here's an overhead view of how they went together. I had originally intended to paint them green and give them 3C insignia to match my Зеленые Сойлент (Soylent Green) terrain. But I kinda like them black. It looks more depressing industrial. And I can shove a 3C on them later...

Also, I am showing off my tiger Space Marines. A good idea, reasonably executed. The interesting thing they demonstrate is that you can take a hodge-podge of different bits and bobs, throw them on a mix up of different manufacturer generic sci fi guys, and unite them into a single, consistent unit with a paint scheme. I'll bet you didn't notice (or care) that the tiger guys and gals are a mix of different stuff from different manufacturers and games.


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