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Modular SciFi Corridor Set

This project has a pretty simple start. I have 2" tall (well, wide, but they will be vertical, so ... tall) balsa slats. I cut them into 9" sections and made eight corners and then a couple of T's. Then I reinforced the corners with some corner braces ... just thin card triangles. They are glued together and reinforced with duct tape.

So, without the T's these guys are (1) free standing, and (2) store in a very tight space. Even with the T's, the storage space, compared to the table coverage, is pretty good.

Looking back after completing the project, I would skip the T's. If you have a specific reason to have them, go for it, but for a generic set, they don't add a lot for the complication they add to storage.

So, for sci fi walls, we need something to spice them up. Here is some random thin card (the cards for collectable minis that I used to make hex bases) with a design in it. I just cut them to fit and glued them on to the walls.

These are scrap pieces, and not completely regular, however, when you put them on different sections and space them out, nobody without a laser level, a lot of time, and some serious OCD will notice.

If you want more regular ones, you can do that by design. This project is just using out some scrap that I couldn't let go. I knew there was a reason I kept them.

Here are some other bits of miscelanea. Packing material from collectable miniatures, the flash from press out tokens from a board game. Just fun stuff.

I primed them black and painted the big card areas with grey and then filled in the special areas with metallic blue and gold. I didn't have any particular reason for the coloring, just a consistent set of colors and general patterns. Feel free to plan this out and add markings, numbers, etc., all you want.

So with just ten of these, you get a 4'x 6' light terrain area.

So with the large, open laydown above, you can get some of the classic topologies just from using the L's.

Corners and thin corridors leading to open rooms. Just the kind of limited access and line of fire areas the Daughters of Malal need to take on the cultists.

And your good open rooms where a champion can clean up all on her own.

We go down to about a 3'x 4' area. This is tighter and more labrynthine terrain.

And we get the traditional type of tactical challenge you would expect.


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