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Red Corsairs


HW40K has a group called Red Corsairs. They are space marines gone bad. Pirates. Mercenaries.

I like the 40K fluff (I don't play the game.), but I tend to use the story as a baseline and vary from there. So for my Red Corsairs, I am going to use Space Marine figures in their bulky awesome power armour as the priate captains.

These guys (VOID space dudes) are going to be the crew. This is kind of like the way 40K does it. But the crew are more menial and its bunches of SM that do the fighting.

Also, these aren't the best contrast with the pix, but check out the patch over the eye of the guy on the left. In general, the crew is very ragtag piratey ... Piratesque? Pirate like!

So, to the captains. I just took a bunch of SM and made some mods and such, like adding wings to this guy.

So he can be a parrot!

This next guy is an old sea dog. With his old sea dog. It's a MechWarrior Fenrir power armour unit. I use them for 25mm robot dogs a lot.

This terminator got a seahorse head and a shield with an actual pirate flag on it.

Two more. One with a demon on the shoulder and another riding a Star Wars ship with a wire tail added to look like a manta ray.

Speaking of pirate flags, I am not using the official Red Corsairs insignia on the pauldron (shoulder pad). Mostly because I can't draw it. But I can make some pirate flags to go there instead. I'm using actual pirate flags. And they're the captains, so it kind of makes some sense.

And, yes, I know that if I can scale, print and glue on pirate flags, I could have done the same with the Red Corsairs insignia. But this is way cooler.

No for something different. This is a few pieces of a dreadnought I got for cheap as a set of broken parts. I think there was enought to make the whole thing. But if I make a half mech/half mutant (as the chaos dreadnought "hellbrutes" are), I get two for the price of one. Plus a few extra bits.

These extra bits are crayola air dry clay and bits of an Awesome Android Heroclix figure (baiscaly a 25mm giant).

Then we paint him up a bit and make him more nautical. This guy is going to be a squid dude. I added some clay tentacles, then made a big tentacle from a snake tail with the spade bit (paper bits) added.

And I need a corpse to drive it. So I'm taking half a HeroClix figure, and making a paperclip hook on his back to attach him. And adding some wires and tubes to the bottom.

And the piece of resistance, a wire frame harness for the front. Instead of using strippers, I stripped the wire with my nippers. Then I twisted up the wires by hand.

And I put them all together to make my pirate dradnaught.

And a shot of all my captains to date.