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Storage Crate Buildings

Nothing shocking here, just turning a couple old generic storage crates into a couple buildings. I am also using a left over marble track from a toy and some cardboard to dress them up.

Of course, the best deal with this, is I can store other pieces of terrain in them, when they are not in use. Some planning helps here by guessing which terrain pieces you are likely to want to use at the same time as the buildings, so you can avoid "orphaning" those pieces when you use the buildings.

I measured the cardboard and made liners for the crates. I like the funky cricles on these, but the buildings need to be opaque. Also, I grabbed some round miscelanea (to match the sides of the crates) to be random fittings on top of the buildings.

I'm using some of the other cardboard (well, cards from a game I don't play, but I got these and these figures from). to make a door.

That little sequence of cut and slice above gets layered into this. If you don't have a big (1.5") hex or hole cutter, I recommend getting one. You can do it by hand, but if you want to do a large number, it's worth the investment. Also nice for making cheap bases.

Here's a cool trick. Instead of gluing the door(s) on, I taped them to a twist tie. I can temporarily attach them to the buildings and move them around, or add more, to suit scenario needs later on.

Here are some Sisters of Battle on a two-story. Since the crates also stack when upside-down, I can have two one-stories or one two-story. Note that the lip on the crates lets me have a staging area half way up the ladder.

I have attached the ladders (marble rails) and painted it up, using different colors for the outside and the carboard liner.

Here we can see them as two one-story buildings.

And some different models against a different crate. There are tons of storage crates like this, in many different sizes that give that nice, scifi effect.


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