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Am I Blue?

If there's one thing I love it's giant monsters. Also aquatic monsters. So giant aquatic monsters ... well ... you get the idea. This is a Bandai lobster kaiju (an Ultraman opponent, I believe) and two Monsterpocalypse clawed things. Nobody here looks happy, so I think we're going to go crabby.

Specifically, blue crab. The most important part for this makeover is the white primer coat. It not only gives us the blue crab underbelly, but it will also bring out the blues and make them vibrant (as opposed to a black primer, which would make them muted and broody).

Moving on from the white is a light blue coating. This light blue will be the transition from the deep and metallic blues of the main coloring.

While the light blue is barely perceptible, fading from the deep blue into it instead of directly from deep blue into white makes a big difference in the overall effect.

I used the dark blue and a dot of black to make the wash for these figures. I turned them upside down for the wash, to get rich shadows in the grooves. Contrast with the previous picture where there is no shadowing.

The wash and highlighting helps draw out the detail on the figures. I did like the prepaint jobs ... they were well done. But they really didn't bring out the amazing detail on these sculpts. Hopefully that has been fixed a bit with the makeover.

Shifting to 15mm figures makes the monsters much larger. The color scheme makes the two very different monsters look like they belong together.

Agaist MechWarrior scale (N scale? 1:256? 6mm?), this guy becomes a real kaiju sized monster.

And, any figure must look best from your most common view - at arm's length from behind with all the opponents scattering before it in fear. Well, except that dude with the jug of moonshine...


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