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I was making a few plastic bottle spaceships. I took them outside for spray priming and then left them to dry. The wind picked up and one of them (the one shown here, made from a ketchup bottle, half a plastic Easter egg, and some bottle caps) took flight and crash landed.

It cracked all the way across, so I finished the job but completely cutting it in half along the angle of the crack. After the crash landing and the coping saw cut, all the greeblies were still on it. Good job LocTite Indoor Adhesive!

To work with this wreck, I took some old thick cardstock (from the Red Dragon Inn card game ... we got the upgrade set, so we didn't need the old player boards) and cut a template for the scar/crater

I built up the ground for the scar and crater with some air dry clay and added a few extra bits for rocks and such. After a thin layer of PVA glue, I pushed the ship halves in to the forward (larger, taller) end of the crater. This is a different technique that I used for my crashed flying saucer

All that was left was to paint 'em up. I used black paint, glue, and sand for the ground. That was touched up with six progressively lighter colours of grey made by adding a little white at a time to the mix. Painting like this before the last coat is dry gives a different mottled effect compared to letting the paint dry and dry brushing on another coat.

I did the ships in a two-tone - scarlet and grey. Initially, I thought I would like the blue bit of Easter egg sticking through where the primer coat peeled back from the crash. I painted around it, and ended up liking it. I think the unearthly Easter colour looks like some type of radioactive mess peeking out.