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Sci Fi Ship Crew

I have some Tau bits to use up and some 'Clix too. So I picked out a set of five males and five females that I had tow each of. I will use my ten weapons to arm up one of each figure, and I will leave one whole set unarmed. In some cases, the ones that already have weapons, I will disarm the unarmed ones.

This makes a good space ship crew (or Tau auxiliaries). You can build in the scenario that the crew (or some of them) have to get to an (the?) armoury in order to arm up and swap out the figure. Great for boarding actions.

And five big robots in the front. Just robots. Or massive power armour dudes.

Oh yeah, I had ten backpacks, too and a few holstered pistols, too. Bascially, I am relying on the uniformity of the weapons to tie them together.

One of the big things to think about this type of conversion is worrying about hair. Generally, female figures have long hair, and in this case, so does one of the males. Fortunately, in this case, the hair is part of the head and not sculpted on to the back. Much easier than the three females I had to give a haircut around the backpack.

The lesson is not about cutting hair on minis. The lesson is I knew about this issue and maybe could have though about it when picking figures. But I survived.

Men Women And so did these figs!

Beyond the weapons, I decided to give them uniforms, too. At first, I thought I would use classic Tau ochre. Then I tried to to visualize a good communist symphathi... er ... recruit for the Greater Good. And all I had was Soviet grey coveralls.

In the end, I landed on something that turned out fairly Napoleonic. Black boots, white pants, grey shirt (unarmed only), and blue jackets.

Click the left of right half for a zoom in.

Men Women Here they are armed up, and in full dress with jackets on, and buttoned up. Even though there's a variety of weapons, I think they still have a unifying effect.

Click the left of right half for a zoom in.

And here are the 'bots. In order to unify them, I used up some Tau helments and shoulder pads. No weapons, but they're big and armoured up. But stil, quite Napoleonic.