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Hovertank Conversion and Turret Options

Historicon also yielded a few nice purchases on the floor. I picked up six loose Reaper Bones models for five bucks. Mostly because I had five bucks of spending cash left.

These two were iconic female figure types. But that was about all they had in terms of female figures. There were multiple copies of those, but since the poses are fairly stylized and unique, I didn't want a ton of them in the same force. These two, however, were generic enough to use multiple times. But not female. For some reason, since I saw the two females first, that was what I wanted for this expenditure. But pretty easy to convert ...

The elf archers were pretty simple. Cut down the ears and do some augmentation plastic surgery. I was very happy that I didn't overdo the augmentation, except for one of them, and that only a bit.

The knight was even easier to convert. Just a little augmentation. And I didn't have to worry about overdoing it too much, since that is not skintight armour she is wearing. Didn't really have to convert at all, but its really an idiom within miniatures. And for fantasy miniatures, I don't mind conforming to iconic conceits of the genre.

Here they all are together, with a regular Reaper mini ... some kind of huntress or something. I think the theme colors not only binds them together as a unit, but also mitigates the failings of the conversions. You place them on a tabletop together ... or reasonably so ... and your mind fills in the gaps.


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