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Crossing of Lines

Next month at the ODMS' convention, Guns of August, INLGames will be running a couple of scenarios. One will be using Defiance Games' rules for Alien War by Howard Whitehouse.

This scenario will be the classic "crossing of lines". There are a number of small squads making their way across hostilie territory. They are all in close proximity to each other, but really can't tell who is who - well, at least not until they see the whites of their eyes. It is both a serious military problem and a fun gaming challenge to maneuver, approach, identify and engage (as appopriate).

It is also a bit of a gaming challenge to have units on a board in plain sight, but not know who is who. We took our stab at it and posted the scenario as a gaming system independent .pdf on Wargame Vault for free download. The rules require a bit of set up before hand, but really don't impinge on the gaming system you are using much.

I also am using a bunch of Defiance Games' UAMC marines for the scenario. I got two boxes, and ended up with lots of extra heads and arms, and also a number of extra legs. Above is a picture of some converted marines made with various left over HeroClix torsos. I think they came out alright and blend in with the other figures pretty well. I put black gloves on these ones so you will be able to tell this squad from the others when they get in close to one another (the other squads have distinguishing characteristics like backpack/no backpack and different weapons). I may go ahead and mark the bases with different squad colors just to be sure.

Defiance Games has offered up a couple of boxes of minis as prizes, so hopefully, we'll have a nice showing.


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