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Cthulhu Game

First, off SWMBO's aunt made this Cthulu-Easter Bunny cake for snacking. Yum yum ... tentacles and jelly beans!

The game is set in this sleepy seaside village where some deep ones have started coming ashore.

There are only three civilians with guns, but the unarmed ones did surprisingly well fending off the deep ones hand-to-hand. The deep ones themseves were only hand-to-hand capable, and there were only a few of them. However, when they kill a civilian, it comes back next round as a deep one.

Then the old ones player could "combine" three deep ones to make a tentacled horror. Of course, tentacled horrors just ate civilians, so you had to plan ahead to balance your making new deep ones and having more powerful monsters.

The planning ahead also mattered because the old ones player could "combine" three tentacled horrors to summon Mighty Chtulhu.

She's going to need a bigger boat.

At which point, unless you were already far on the shore side of the board, running away didn't help much.