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Mighty (Cheap) Cthulu!

So, you're looking at $3.00 here.

The frog skeleton was $1.95 after Halloween and the Octopus was one of five aquatic toys for $4.99.

As with other Halloween skeletal animals, this guy comes apart fairly easily with a screwdriver. Unlike the spiders and some other ones, this doesn't have tons of ridiculous added detail. There is webbing between the toes and a few bumps that wouldn't be on the skeleton. In this case, I will use the webbing detail as part of the final model.

So this is the (not surprising) basic concept - put the octopus head on the amphibian body. Ta-da! Cthulu!

As with the spiders, I am covering the skeleton with air dry clay.

In the first pic there were also a couple fins from a plastic sea turtle, one of the other "five for five" aquatic toys. They will be the vestigal Cthulu wings. I just pressed them into the clay to make slots to glue them in later one, once the clay is dry.

Here's the whole piece assembled and primed with basic black and matte Mod Podge. I use the Mod Podge to seal the clay, otherwise, it ends up porus and sucks in way too much paint to cover. Black will also be a base colour for the monster.

I am going to use the metallic dry brush over black technique I used for this eerie space ship before. For Cthulu, I will use several shades of metallic green. It will fade from a darker blusih green underneath to a lighter yellowish green on top by boxing the paint. This gives variation in colour and pseudo shading.

"Uhm ... Benny ... are you sure this is the spell to cure insomnia?"