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Space Cube

Well, the box that these grapefruit cups comes in is a cube. Gotta use that for something. The cube is about 6" on a side, so it is a large thing for 28mm. And a very large guy for 15mm. And so on.

But to make a scifi cube, it needs to have greeblies on it. Lots of greeblies. Container connectors, sprues, old bases and dials, etc.

A couple of layers of paint give this its otherworldly look. I used a textured primer, covered with black, then dusted with silver glitter paint.

And, yes SWMBO said, "It's a Borg cube." And, yes it is!

Here's the point where I go into the tutorial on how to light this puppy up with electronic luminescent (el) wire. Or, rather, how not to do it. When I got to this point, I realized that I really needed to plan the el wire path out first ... then put on the greeblies around that pattern. OK, live and learn for next time.

One last little bit. A stand. The bottom of the cube is open, so this guy just slides in it like an arm in a sleeve. That gives the cube a little elevation off the table. And the X pattern even lets you put figures (or ships) directly under the cube.

Maybe next time, I will attach a ship interor to the top of the X support.

And here it is ready to use with Borg. Or Necrons. Or space unicorns, since it is nice and glittery. Regardless of the force attached to it, it is a nice size for a landing craft, or a small Borg cube in a tactical space ship game.