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Exterminate! Exterminate!

OK, so around July these guys came out as a part of a Dr. Who toy line. The overwhelming majority of the figures are nice for what they are, but not what I would want to game with -- they're a little too chibi (OK, the chibi cybermen are cute). The Daleks, however, are really nice, and very ... well ... Daleky. (So is the TARDIS, but that will have to wait for another time.) So, they are nice figures, but they're toys, so can you really game with them? What about the scale?

Well, what about scale? Sure, there are tons of erudite missives about scale, treatises about how scale is measured and what the ratios mean, and references on just which means what to whom. But, by and large, wargaming, and especially the "28mm crowd" have an unresolvable mess. In general, just what 28mm is and how it is figured out and applied not only varies by manufacturer, but also within 28mm lines from the same manufacturer. So, about the only thing you can do is just compare figures side by side. So I did.

Since these are "compatible with popular building brick system" toys, I have provided three options of construction: (A) full up, (B) minus the base, and (C) compressed/no neck. The graph paper in the background is 5 grids to an inch. One of the great debates about model scale is where the lower measuring starts. I was tempted to line up the bottom of the feet, but, really, in gaming, you have to put the figures on a table, base and all, so I thought that would be the best line up. I went with some of the popular lines of minis that I have to give the most relevant comparisons. Click the links and see what you think.

change Dalek
change figure

The big issue is, if you checked out the Amazon link to the toys above, is they are $20 for five. Obscene. Way beyond my "a buck a figure" rule of thumb. But they're Daleks. If I can make an exception for monkeys in power armour, I can make one for Daleks. I did buy two sets but don't see any need for more than ten. Besides, ten Daleks is all you need to take over a whole galaxy ... right?

Besides ... they paint up nice.

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