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Classic Ruined Building Corners

This is a piece of corner packing foam that came with a piece of furniture. It's a corner. What is wargaming is a corner? The classic ruined building corner, of course. So I thought I would try my hand at freehand foam cutting with my wand cutter. I have four pieces, so with some thought, I can end up with eight corners.

The freehanding was harder and rougher than I expected. Not much. And really it just to completely ruining the first one to get the hang of something respectable. And while this isn't very respectable ...

... by cutting some strips from thin card stock (HorrorCix cards, in this case), I can dress up the windows with some ... er ... window dressing? Anyway, the sharp lines will help and I will use them for some of the pieces, but not all of them. It's a feel thing.

Here are the two small pieces I got (of my six total). Blocky and ragged, but servicable. And they are ruins, after all. I added some "rebar" to the bigger one - stir sticks painted and cut, then glued in. The upper right dude is standing on three bits projecting, not the actual foam piece. And there's one vertical piece sticking up in the back, rather wierdly.

These are the two medium ones. Even though the walls are thick (at 1:56, a 1" wall is 56" thick ... almost 6'!) you still get protected lines of fire through them.

And the big two give you lots of area and lots of cubbies to dart in and out of.

I used a progressive colour painting technique. I started with grey and added black, painting from the inside out and bottom up. As I ran out of paint, I added only grey. Then after a while, I added a little white too. That colour shift helps with the shadow/highlight effect. I topped it off with some white drybrushing for edges, then streaks on the concrete.