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Arms Dealer

These are left over from my Ontos/Hydra project They are supposed to go in a carrier in the back of the ontos. But I figured they would rattle around and I didn't want the extra bits in there. Plus, they're like small missles for 28mm.

So, Cut some thin cardboard to size around a few.

And then trace the patter to make a box. Or two. Or three.

Or four. And then I made a little stand, too.

Since I don't have a lot of them, I made two closed boxes, one with an open lid, and one with no lid. The opens ones got some paper napkin in them, that the missles would rest on.

Then you just paint them up and put them on sale in a back alley.

The lidless box is a little big (I cut to size, not to measurement.), so I added some extra stuff in there. Greeblies. And I painted up the trenching kit.

The bit on the right is some leftover 3D printed test bit on a CD, but it look a lot like a civilian isn't supposed to sell or buy it, so ...

And, of course, an exo armour suit. Why not?