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Death May Die Boardgame Figures

Here is an overview of the set of figures that come with "season one" of the Death May Die boardgame, plus the two bad guy expansions. Heroes, Cultists, Great Old Ones, Oh my!

H is for "The King in Yellow".

And here he is, with a couple of his specific cultists to your left and two of the heroes to the right. Behind the heroes is one of the monsters that rank between cultists and the big guys as enemies.

These are the generic cultists in front, and another monster behind them, with lots of stuff lurking. I made the monster (a few more pix later) "a colour out of time", so it's all lime green and tangerine.

Here we get a look at some more cultists and heroes ... "Borden" (hmmmm ... what is that reference?) and my fave hero, Rasputin. Plus I look a lot like him.

So the game plays nicely. You pick heroes (some who are not necessarily heroic, but definitely the types you want when there's a bhyakee on your back) and play against the cult trying to summon a great old one.

Of course, you don't just face down cultists, but also various monsters, like these fire vampires, who are drawn by the eldrich activity.

A nice thing about the game is you get "episode boxes" that have the plot of the cultists set out on cards and you get "great old one boxes" that have the influence of the big guys. So you mix the two together to get a game. This gives the plots some good legs, since you can play each episode paired with each different great old one and get a different game.

I would like to point out the hero Fatima, there in the back. This is the best brightly coloured gypsy dress I have ever done. Happy me.

Our second GOO, the Shub-Niggurauth, or the Black Goat of the Woods with a Thousand Young. The set is about 994 short for this GOO's nasty monsters, but that's plenty.

Another GOO, this is the Yog-Sothoth, who was hiding in the background of the last pic. And Arthur Whatley, already corrupted by his evil acts. This GOO plays differently just because he only has one minion thing who teleports around the place.

And the Big Guy, Cthulhu. This figure is OK for use, but he's actually a little too anthropomorphic for my tastes. The GOO start out on a track off the playing board, and come in after the cult completes its summoning ... unless you disrupt it.

The moonsters and such, like this byakhee, get a turn after each player's turn, which actually makes the number of players you have not affect the mechanics of play as much.

I guess I like this guy, or he was the most photogenic. It was done with a base coat of metallic silver paint, the various ink washes in the two selected colours and finished with a little bronze and metallic green highlighting to make some of the details pop.

Ah, the byakhee in it's natural habitat ... lurking.

Big Daddy again, with his Star Spawn at his side. And a bucket of Deep Ones. Gotta have some blubbery fish men. Deep Ones are a fave of mine as well, and they are special, so they can have decorative bases rather than my standard flat black. For an unholy fish-human hybrid, I don't have a problem with them dragging a bit of watery terrain around with them. That actually happens in the stories.

My last two heroes who seem to have been forgotten in the back. Honestly, if I were a protagonist in an H.P. Lovecraft story, I think forgotten about would be a great status to have.