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I got some demon heads in some cheap job lot of minis, so I am now doing some recapitations using mostly 'Clix bodies.

That said, this is not a HeroClix figure. It's an old Dreamscape one that used to have gatling guns at the end of those arms. I used the guns for a vehicle a while ago. So now, this is going to be a hodge-podge of bits.

Beside the burly body, we have a starfish (to be a hand), three spider thoraxes (the other hand), the demon head thing, and three headless and armless torsos (glued together in that fashion to make a tail).

All together, the bits end up like this.

And here he is all painted up.

The two green ones are just heads on (left) Man-Thing, and (right) The Thing. Supplemented by greenstuff tails in the back.

Left to right ... Goliath, Hulk, and a troll (Ulik).

I gave these ones helmeted heads because they were the most dressed bodies that I had.

All three of these were Colossus from the X-Men. I guess (now) this is a very Cleveland Browns colour scheme. I was just looking for something orange. You don't get a lot of orage demons.

More naked here, two Hulks and a big Green Lantern dude. The loincloths are added paper. I can deal with the pants, but I just don't see monsters like this running around in tighty-whities.

And last, but not least, on the left is a metallic Doomsday with his new demon head.

The two repeats are there as a scale reference facing a 25mm figure.