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The Disco Destroyers

The top to 'Clix are the Absobing Man and Thunderball. The important thing is that they both carry wrecking balls. We're making disco superheroes, so they need to wield disco balls.

The figures I will use as the heroes are the Power Man and Phantom Girl ones on the bottom. They will get the disco balls added, but these two were in the most 70's disco outfits I could find on a 'Clix figure.

So, I can just line the little squares out on a silver ball.

Nope. That looks horrible. Which means, horror of horrors ...

Giltter! I hate giltter. If you buy and open glitter, it gets everywhere and stays there forever.

Instead of buying glitter, I am going to make it but cutting some thin strips of tin foil, the making squares with them. This has the advantage that I am getting tiny squares of glitter instead of trying to find the right glitter or confetti that is made the way I need.

I also don't need to make more than I need, so no open container of glitter or confetti lying around to be spilled.

This is the obligatory out of focus picture for this WIP discussion. I rolled the balls in glue, then in the giltter.

And here's how it comes out. Matching outfits, natch. And disco balls of doom!