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This is a flourescent light diffuser. Well, it was. Now it is becoming a set of shelves. Hexagonal shelves. A couple of years ago (whenever Border's bookstores went out of business), I picked up a hexagonal bookmark stand for about $20. I thought it would make a nice display stand. But I had to make some shelves for it.

So it sat.

This Christmas break, my daughter went ahead and made me a template for the shelves, so I figured I should just power through and get 'er done.

These shelves are fairly sturdy and pretty easy to do. Using nippers to cut them is actually how the instructions on the box said to do it if you needed to trim the diffusers to fit your light receptacle.

So here is how it came out. The plastic bits on the sides are slats that support hooks that you put bookmarks on. Well, I enclosed only three sides, so I could get figures in and out.

I didn't even have to run any hardware. The shelves are supported on the book mark hooks, facing inward instead of outward. Since the slats are recessed, I cut out a few balsa shelves to go on the outside, so I could get more minis on it.

And, yes, the pictures were taken during a combination earthquake and lightning storm. :)

This isn't close to all my minis. Or even all of any of the genres represented here. But it gets some of them out of the old bedroom upstairs, which means SWMBO can reclaim some of the space. That's probably why this is allowed to be on display in a corner of the dining room.

These are mostly historicals. Medieval Japanese on the outside shelves. 18th-19th Century figures on the bottom, with ancients above that. The interior half-shelf on the top has Romans on one side, and some Planet of the Apes figures on the interior.

Here are some scifi figs in the middle. One shelf of Chaos Space Marines (I have about that many more regular SM's and about that in total with other 40K type figures). The half-shelf here has various types of bugs - from flying to grubs and eggs.

The bottom of the stand has some of the big figures.

And the top has a number of just miscelanea.


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