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DKOK Artillery

Another "scalemash" project. It starts with some green army man type artillery pieces. GAM are too big for 28mm, but the 40K guns that go with Imperial Guard are too big also. So, obivously, two things that are too big will be equal size, right?. Well, in this case it seems to work out alright. The Space Marine there shows you the size of the GAM guns, which looks about right WRT the pics of 40K IG guns I have seen. Except the barrels are too short, so enter the bendy straw extension team.

The Space Marine also shows that the 1:35 tank carcass that I had lying around was the right size to turn one gun into a Basilisk. I thought the Basilisk was going to be more like a one-man artillery piece, but it is bigger, so the piece I thought I wanted would not work. But I had another.

So I cut the straws and used some putty to fix them to the barrels.

Three will be towed field artillery. Two will be the big platform long-range artillery with the earthquake (or whatever) rounds. And one will be a Basilisk, because I only have one tank carcass that will work.

This is the basic idea for the Basilisk. Fix up a platform on the tank carcass with some granny grating and bits of sprue for safety rails. 40K is all about personnel safety, ainit? :;

And here's what she looks like with the gun on her. But these are figures with guns, so I will have to make some unarmed DKOK artillery operators.

Like these guys on one of the platform guns. I especially like the NCO with the mini sledgehammer. Not sure if it's an artillery tool or just an NCO counseling tool. Not sure if I care.

Little bit on the back with a ladder.

And my custom DKOK flag on the front.