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This post is a long string of recapitations that I've done recently and haven't gotten around to posting.

For things like rhino men, sometimes my idea was to use the animal heads on orc bodies (like this one). Other times it is to use the bodies, so I save the heads.

Either way, it's OK. I'm sure the cleanup project for these rhino bodies will be equally fun to do.

This one worked with some extra female demon heads I got. It's common with a lot of the figures I buy to have extra heads. For these Space Marines, I bought the bodies as bits, and didn't buy heads.

Beyond just putting a funky head on these, I assembled the legs on backwards, and cut the toes off the back to make goat legs.

This gives us a nice demonic conversion (Daughters of Khorne) without doing much more than a regular multipart figure build.

This is a recurring theme conversion for me: Desert Crocs Gatorsaurus Girls Extra Large Gatormen

Obligatory close up. Plus, I love this guy's smile and body language. He's just really into hi8s work.

Extending a bit with reptiles, dino heads. This is where I got the bodies for my sphinxes.

Hip, Hip-po Ray!

OK, that's not the worst wordplay I've done.

And at least, they're not in tutus ... Oh wait, I do have alligators already ... hmmmmmm.

Actually, this leader figure shows some extra conversion. His weapon is a piece of wire, macramed into a chain, using this technique, and supplemented with some skulls sculpted from the extra clay when I was doing something else ... so accumulated bits.

These last four show some new trolls ...

... made by adding GW ogre heads ...

... to various bodies and different paint schemes ...

... giving my favorite chibi troll effect.