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Death May Die (Set 2)

These are the monster minis from the second season of the Death May Die Cthulhu board game. My minis from the first season were fun to paint and these ones too. There are four pairs of lesser (I guess) monsters, and four single baddies.

I forget who these beasties are. So many horrors, so little time.

Flying Polyps. I went with orange. Orange doesn't fit with other colour schemes for the game, so I figured I got my Colour out of Space.

Hounds of Tindalos. Great story. Nice minis.

Don't remember this guy, either. But the gradated colour scheme was fun to do and looks pretty gruesome, I think.

In the back, we have tcho-tchos and some ghouls. And in the front, a new set of 1920's pulp heroes to be devoured by nameless elder things. Beyond being some good looking stock characters, the game has some good dynamics that have solid underlying logic for the new heroes. All in all, a great game with some great minis.