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Harry Potter

That dude in the lower left is a HeroClix figure based on DC Comics' Dominator alien. Kinda nasty dudes. Strong, psychic, and high tech - a triple threat.

And they wear flowy robes with droopy sleeves. Hmmm ... OK, you already read the title. You know where the flow robes are going. If you can see against the paintboard, I have several altered heights and will resize and reposition the arms. This pose is really nice for reworking the arms.

But that's not all the flowy robe 'Clix. I will use the Marvel Comics' Mandarin (my fave Iron Man enemy) to make the dumbledore figure.

And not everything is robes. So I am taking the top of this Negative Man figure to make some shadowy things for the bad guys. Not really dementors, but theme consistent, if not canon.

It was nice that the Dominator heads worked well for Voldemort and when painted silver, Death Eaters in masks.

And some good guys. The kids were just truncated robes. They look a little cartoony, but I think that is a good vibe for this genre. Before the movies, the books had cartoony drawings.

And, the most important good guy in the HP universe, the hero of the entire story arc ... Severus Snape. Go ahead. Argue with me about this.

Here's another view, showing a shadow monster on the other side, too.

And an overhead. The Pegasus Gothic cathedral and ruins work well for this genre as well.

I might make a few more HP figs to round out larger scenarios later on.