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Dogs for War(games)

I always run into issues getting animals for my games, mostly because I am cheap. So, when I run across an inexpensive solution, I am very happy. While I game in 28mm (mostly) and Splintered Light minis are scaled for 20mm, I hit pay dirt with their dire wolves. Since they are oversized wolves for 20mm, they make nice wild dogs for 28mm. And these were sculpted by Bob Olley - one of the masters.

Here are some basic wolf/wild dog paint jobs. Brown and grey are classics, and there are lots of shades, so it is easy to use a unique pair of different colors on each dog. I think that type of variety creates a good wild animal look.

The reference figure is one of my faves from Knuckleduster's Women of the Gun set.

Here we get a little foxier. (OK ... but tell me you woudn't have said it.) Even though they are the same dogs and don't have a fox-type face, the color scheme (especially at arm's length) kind of tricks your brain into filling in the gaps. This is especially nice when you want a pack of foxes (which can get expensive), or if you want a series of tricked out foxes (different poses, different mods) to work in one of the classic fox myths.

The reference figure is my favourite of the Dangerous Dames by Bob Murch. She reminds me a lot of SWMBO.


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