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OK, well not a doomscythe. But this model is another cross-scale match. The Cylon raider is larger than a doomscythe, but it is to a smaller scale, so it's not a bad fit.

And its two for about half the price of one GW model.

So, I started by filling all the details with a neon green colour. And I grabbed a couple Necron warriors from my bucket to use as pilots. I guess I will need another something to do with the legs.

I mounted the two pilots and took their guns off to mount underneath the doomscythe. And a black wash is coming, too.

The last bit is to take the canpoy that is supposed to be where the pilots are sitting and stand it up, perpendicular behind the pilots. All and all, not a bad surrogate. They seem to fit well with the other Necrons.

Though they are not the exact right shape - these are more oval and the proper doomscythe is more circular. But they are about the right footprint.