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Luchadoras and Cowboys


The original impetus for this was to get a few female figures to go with my male luchadores. Generally, when I do 'Clix conversions, some lead to others. Then, cutting and mixing and matching pieces leads to some other ideas and just wanders around for a while until it closes in on itself.

To go with the spandexed superheroes, I chose a few other figures that looked like modern civilians. The mix of civilians led to a little set of men with hats. Who ended up being all in brown. Men in Brown, possibly to go with (or against) the Men in Black.

This set of Old West figures came in when I decided the Logan/Wolverine in the cowboy hat would not work with the MiB theme. But he makes a good cowboy figure, dismounted or mounted. So the other obvious cowboys came out, and the Drax the Destroyer figure for a big, bare chested indian (with a hand swap from Hawkeye to give him a bow instead of spaceman gun). I like the Drax sculpt and pose, but have a hard time finding appropriate milieu for him. I think this one works well.

So, if you cut the hands off several Wolverine figures to turn them into cowboys, what do you do with all the claw hands?

Martial artists. So I got two Iron Fists turned a little bit Enter the Dragon (since I already have a nice Jim Kelley figure and a good "Loose Brie" figure, too.

And where else would you put a Rocket Raccoon head?

Then, a few of the civilians I had before got crowbars because you always need rioters. They got them from the rioting(?) Blackgate Prison Inmate in the inset. Why would inmates have crowbars? Doesn't seem like a good idea to me. So I swapped them to more likely figures.

That left me with guys in jumpsuits. I had a few other jumpsuit guys, so I put them all together and gave them dark blue jumpsuits and added some faint insignia ... silver and gold dolphins and crows, anchors, and clusters on the collars. USN submariners.


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