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Fantasy Dark Elves

Here's a bucket of "Dark Elves" I got as bits and pieces. I'm not sure how they are different from regular fantasy Elves other than I'm painting them in dark colours. So I guess that makes them dark Elves. It's either that or the label on the bag.

Since it was bits, I augmented the guys in the blue line with some extra torsos I had (having used the heads and arms) and the yellow line with a whole half a 'Clix figure - Typhoid Mary - to supplement the only two female elves I got.

Then I added three HeroClix figures to the mix - Agony, Eciplso, and Magdalena - for character figures.

And if it wasn't character enough, I used a few spare heads I got to make the cavalry body a Dark Elf. Then I cobbled together an appropriate mount using an GL Hannu 'Clix body, augmented with some GW ogre bits.

And since I had two extra barded horses, I made some regular cavalry as well.

Now adding some spears ina crossbows. If you can't point out the non-standard torsos, I win.

And the females. Blonde because my other unhelmeted Dark Elves are blonde like the regular elves. I think they're just the Emo Elves. Oooooh ... I'm going to call them Elmos now.

And the character figures, painted up in the same colour scheme.

Magdalena is back there with the female Elmos. But I added a Green Lanterns (with one of the last Dark Elf heads) as a wizard Elmo.

Lastly, here they are with the other contingent of my Elmos. I think they make a decent force now.