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Evil Dark Elves from Spaaaaaaace!

I got a job lot of Dark Eldar/Drukhari for less than $1 per figure. It took by=uying a big load of them, but I have several places where I could use some more sci-fi guys of this type. The first one is some bone white servants of a Keeper of Secrets, one of the Slaaneshi demons. A skeletal paint job also lets them transfer out of the GW universe into a lot of places. I'm taking 30 of them for this project.

Here I am basing them with an undercoat of deep red, then adding a couple layers of white dry brushing. I have an off white for the first coat, then a pure white for the top coat, which will be lighter in colour and application.

Two coats of drybrushing over the the base dark red. The first covers the surface area but leaves all the inset details. Then the pure white with a very light application make it "pop".

Rinse, repeat, and we have 30 dudes. 15 with "stump guns" (IDK what GW calls them), 10 with rifles and bayonettes (cool looking, but useless in sci-fi), and five with only close combat weapons. This gives me a lot of options for force composition, especially since we typically will only field 20 figures at a time.

The detail was preserved pretty well. I have seen a lot better painting, but this did a good job even reasonably close up, and it only took two drybrushings.

The weapons are gunmetal with purple contrast colours. This keeps them subdued and aligned with the dark red undercoating. All in all some nice evil forces.