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A base and a bass?

Well, not yet. We have a 2" x 2" piece of thick plastic card that will be a base for a drum kit. And two viking shields that will become a bass drum.

So, the shield will be a drum head and we wrap a piece of textured thick paper around the shield.

Then pull the curved paper a little tighter, and glue it to the back side of the drum head.

And put the other head on the top. We add a little paper circle in the middle of the drum head.

Some small round beads get individual drum heads made from air dry clay. The bit in the upper right is actually a drum from a miniature set. And the next set of shields in the lower corner (Numidian ones) are smooth and perfect to become cymbals.

The nicely brassed cymbals get sword hilts on the top and the bass drum gets some bits to be a pedal.

Then we start assembling it around the bass as a base. Some sticks from old 'Clix bases will make a nice stand for the hi-hat cymbal.

And the ride cymbal goes on a stick in the back. Some random blue greeblie is the perfect height to be a chair for the drummer.

The drummer was a motorcycle rider, but he is in a good position to play.

Beside the drum kit, any figure with an open arm pose is a good candidate for a pair of cymbals.

Or maybe a bass drum.

And you end up with another nice set of percussionists by using the cymbal, bass and snare technique.