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Easter Egg Terrain

The only thing better than free terrain pieces is free terrain pieces that come with discount candy in them. After Easter sales on treats (which obviously taste different on Monday) are a boon for my sweet tooth and my wargame table.

Here we have some sparkly translucent plastic Easter eggs glued on top of the best scratchbuiler piece out there ... the plastic bottle cap! The caps are glued together back to back, with both open ends to the outside. This gives a good place to support the curved surface of the egg and a fairly stable base (they really stand better open-end toward the table).

This was obviously going to be scifi terrain, and is pretty simple to spice up.

I used liquid latex (that stuff you get to do writing crafts on t-shirts) to make the rivets. They come out fairly even and regular with an ammount of effort and price that is much less than most other rivet techniques.

I think the dingy metallic paintjob of the lower half really brings out the color of the sparkly part.

Here is a different on with some 28mm space marines for size context.

These make great objectives or markers and could work for a lot of different types of scifi machinery. I didn't glue the two halves of the egg together, so you can even put a captured figure or objective inside it.

A bag of those seizure-inducing flashy rave rings would also work well inside.

By adding a couple of pieces of index card to them, they also make nice one man space vehicles.

Again, not gluing the egg parts closed allows you to put figures inside, and do the half-open thing shown here.

Make sure you lock the hatch when you leave!


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