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More Sci Fi Dome Habitats

Here's a follow on to my 28mm Sci Fi domes made from big pastic Easter egg halves. These are for 15mm.

Instead of the connectors, I decided just to decorate these up more. I glued those bottle caps I have been storing on the tops in various patterns. Then I used some textured paper to make "windows" with my 1" hole punch, and doors, by cutting little rectangles.

The domes are a flat (camouglage, it's called) khaki. I went over the tops of the bottle caps, windows, and doors with similar muted colours to create some variety, but keep things fairly consistent.

You could probably see the "weathering". That was intentional. No, really. When I spray painted these, I hit each one with dark red at the bottom and then white at the top and sprayed the khaki on while the other paint was still wet. I expected bleed, but these ended up with really nice weathering. Better than I expected. Especially for basically no work.

This is close up, and shows the benefit of putting the windows and doors on the eggs rather than just painting them on. The sub-milimeter gaps draw the eye to the edges of the shapes and help create the illusion.