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Elephant Gun, Rhino AT, and HH Launcher

Based on this pic on this discussion, I decided I needed some organic heavy artillery. Converting these to heavy weapons carriers will come in useful when the alien robots from the future invade and render all C2 and electronic system useless.

Manually amied and launched is great, but you gotta get 'em to the fight, too!

Plus, the trunk gun was just really cool. So I am cutting off the trunk around the tusks, and taking off the curvy bit at the end. I will reposition them and glue them back with an added bit of cooking skewer with some Scotch tape around the end to make a muzzle.

I guess I got the wrong picture, but there is also a small, thin rod as a brace to go on top of the gun. Like the tape on the end, it adds a little detail. Also, since I am not going to pin the skewer to the trunk, it will give a little extra support, especially after priming, painting, and sealing).

And I really liked the bandolier strap on the elephant in the reference pic, so I took some old tank treads I had been saving to make a machine gun feed for some 28mm figure wielding way too large a gun, and will drape them over the back of the elephant guns.

Since I had other animals in the ~15mm bin (also good for big animal heads for 28mm figures), I thought I could keep going with variations on a theme.

  1. First, I gut a hippo head off and sliced the neck back so my two guys would have different head angles. I do that a lot.
  2. Now I add a wire spear and a drywall anchor to the mix.
  3. Glue the drywall anchor (and a bit of cellophane) to one end of the spear, then glue the other one down the hippo's throat.
  4. Take that little bit of Q-Tip cotton I stripped off in the last pic and glue it spiraling around the wire spear.

The other variation is a good ol' rocket launch tube set.

  1. Starting with a couple bits of straw, I glue two together and put a litte Scotch tape around one end.
  2. This time the tape is the breech end. Folding it down on itself will close off one end of the launcher.
  3. Now I cut some drawall anchor ends to be missiles in the tube.
  4. And glue them in the open end.
  5. The last little bit in the center is another piece of straw. One end flat and one end at an angle. This will be the support to hold the launcher to the rhino's back.

Here are half of them with some 15mm figures. I made two elephants with forward barrels and two with raised barrels. If I only use two at a time, I can swap them out when they change modes from enfilade to defilade fire.

I really like how the hippo barfing out a missile looks. I have not figured out how to load it yet ...

Another shot with the rest. This time with a tank as a reference, too. I think they'll make a good addition to any post-apoc or other technology denied or sparse situation. Plus, they're pretty freakin' cool. I have one week to figure out the scenario to put them on the table...