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Elephant Decor

Whenever we go to the pet store, we make sure we run by the aquarium aisle to see what is on sale. We got a good haul last time, including this guy, who, I guess, is supposed to sit on the bottom of a fish tank and hold his breath. He has a nice mahogany look, but he is actually a resin piece. So since he's a decoration, we're going to keep him as one ... a mahogany elephant statue ... but we'll dress him up a bit.

Since the mahogany is nice, that makes a nice base for a statue. This guy is a little bigger (for 28mm figs) than a real elephant, so he should be an impressive, ornate piece. After all, they went to the trouble to make him bigger than an elephant.

To augment the mahogany look, we've redone the tusks in ivory, and all the clothes (kit? elequipage?) in silver with gold trim.

Silver and gold is a nice start, but I think he still needs a little more "pop". So I am going to go over the silver paint with Sharpie markers. The ink only works like a wash over metallic paints,so I had to use really vibrant colors (which is good for this application, anyway ... with a giant elephant, there is no point in going for subtle), and I had to go over the color parts a couple times, letting them dry in between.

Here's the final with a couple 28mm Medieval type figures for scale reference. I think he came out quite nice and he is ready to decorate or serve as an objective marker in tons of lost world jungle locations, along with other fellas like my monkey idol


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