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Fantasy Elf Force

I am not a big fan of fantasy elves. I'm not opposed to them, either. Just never felt a huge draw to them.
I am a big fan of being cheap, so I was able to procure a sizeable force of elves at $1 per figure (my magic price point). And it was a job lot, so there were some bits that were broken or missing. Which, to me, means I get to do some buildy and conversion stuff. Fun!
So, if you can't see glaring instance of "one of these things is not like the other", those bits must have worked out.

And, I ended up with two different types of elves, which is fine. Between the conversions, with or without shields, and different types, there are a large number of ways to configure this force to get different sized blocks of figures that "belong to one unit" or that have the same combat stats.
Here you can see some (I think LOTR) elves behind the GW fantasy elf command figure.

And here are some classic GW elves in the back to the left.
In the main picture, you can really only see the differences in weapon types and shields. So, I could break the melee guys up as spears and non-spears, or further break up the spears by sheilds and no shields (heavy and light infantry) or the non-spears by the three weapon types. Or not.
They hit the tabletop this past Saturday as archers and (identical state) close combatants, but the close combatants were broken in to three squads under three different player commanders.

And let's not forget the cavalry! I will usually count a mount as two figures, so the magic price point is between two and three dollars. These were close to two.
One of the "problems" with them was the horses didn't have tails.
So, I took some spare yarns scrap bits (donated by SWMBO) and put a daub of glue at roughly two inch intervals. Once dried, I cut through the glue to make "tails" for each horse. The tails were glued on, and once dried, cut to length, then "sculpted" by splorshing them with Mod Podge sealant. You can see the progression from left to right in the above pic. Fun problem to have!