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the Endless

These characters are The Endless from DC comics. They are (back row left to right): Death, Destiny, Dream, Destruction (who quit and went vagabond), Desire and (in front left to right): Despair, and Delirium (who used to be Delight, before WWII).

There are many representations of them in different styles - even within canon of the stories illustrated by different artists. This is what I consider to be the most iconic.

And here are some Heroclix I will use to make the Endless, from left to right:

  • Death - Just using a modern female figure
  • Dream - Using the Moribus head (with 80's hair) and the thin monster's body
  • Destiny - With the cloaked figure and a Skaven bit book
  • Despair - The Blob will need larger, saggy breasts and the hair bun
  • Delerium - Liberty Belle will do fine, chaosed up a bit
  • Destruction - Mr. Teriffic will need a hobo pack and a pony tail; the jacket will make nice plaid overshirt
  • Desire - The man's suit and the other head will make a nice Patrick Nagel looking Desire

And here's how they turned out.

Being embodiements of concepts with infinite power, they don't make good tactical figures for combat. But they should make nice character pieces and either motivations or MacGuffins.