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Scale creep. It hit HeroClix - one of my favorite sources of figures for conversion, repainting, and just plain rebasing - really hard in the last couple of sets. I don't expect it to get better. So the secondary market for Clix is going to be much less useful for me.
Left to right we have a "new scale" figure, a for some reason stupidly large one with the new scale, two more new scales, a "traditional 28mm" fig, one of the last reasonable 'Clix for 28mm (she's tall, but it's WWE's Sasha Banks, so ...), and an ogre body.
About 1.5 heads too big. So what do we do with them?

Extra limbs is a start. I added a bunch of extra arms and legs I had from other 'Clix. Regular and some new scale.

The I added "limbs". Those are plant like arms and shoots/roots from a set of horror scarecrows I did recently.

Which gives us tree trunks and branches.

To be augmented with cotton ball foilage.
I also left them on the new(er) "Oreo Cookie" 'Clix bases. This makes them taller still compared to a 28mm on a flat base.
A scaled 10-12' tall is not big for a tree, but it's big enough to evoke a threateningly big monster.
Plus, I don't want to fill the board with them. If I want a big big tree, I will pull out The Green Man.

And this is what we do with the ridiculously large mummy. Lots of weapons and a ridiculous amount of decoration makes a nice Necron leader figure.
The (whatever 40K calls those things) are just dollar store bug centipedes. I do not advocate anyone (even me) taking a match to plastic toys to get them to bend into interesting shapes. Lots of hazards ... toxic off-gassing, melting dripping plastic, they will actually catch fire. I do this outside, over a grill, in the wind (blowing away from me), with glasses and a mask. Consult your own OSHA rep ...