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Iron Snakes Erinyes

Doctinraly, all WH40K Space Marines are male. This is me caring about that.

Since the Iron Snakes, which I have taken a liking to, are loosely based on a Greek mythology/motif, I thought it would be nice to make some erinyes - bird monster girls. I didn't think it was enough that they fly. They need wings, and like all my WH40K SM bird things, they use the beakie helmet.

Unreasonably large amounts of 'Clix used for conversions allowed me to pick two wing sets (variety) for this project. Vulture and Hawkman. Keeping with sacred GW doctrine, the squad leader will not be wearing a helmet. The She-Hulk figure will provide a suitable female head for her.

... and that's really it. Put wings on the back of the beakies, swap the leader head, and paint them up. More Greeky goodness for my IS!