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Just another day at Research Station 1313 in Antarctica. Snow, quonset huts, covered causeways, everybody indoors. Quiet.

We don't get many visitors here ...

... and these guys don't look friendly!

Fortunately, there's a procedure for evacuation. Get all the civvies (and at least one military) to the VTOL while the military holds back the Soviets. We really need to update that ...

Limited group activations per side give the evac side some strategic considerations instead of just having everyone run out all at once. You need a plan and the ability to adapt

Playing cards hide the number and type of humans to the alien invaders until they do something. Deploying infantry aliens from the walkers gives more flexibility, but each group eats up those activation points (more options, but slower command and control).

Here we have the last huddle of civvies getting to the VTOL.

And the last defender who held off the aiens while the VTOL took off. Maybe they'll name the tarmac after him.