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Red Planet Flora

I made some more Giraffe Men, pretty much the same as the old ones (that I gave away). So I had headless giraffe bodies. The old set, I carved up and made into various rocks and such. These guys, along with some other decapitated dino bodies, are going to become Red Planet Trees!

And while I'm at it, I am going to cut up a craft store willow branch I got on sale, and rebase myPegasus Hobbies cacti while I'm at it.

I did put a pin between the necks of the giraffes. The cacti just got plopped down on larger bases with more of them, rather than the individual little weedy stands that they come in. The willow branch has a wire through it, so I cleaned the pastic off and used it as a stablizing base (but apparently deleted the pics of that).

Now the bases got my burgundy red color ... the color of my red planet boards. The cacti were aleady red, with pink tissue paper flowers added - they were set up for my red planet board, but I think they'll work much better in groups on these large bases now.

Deep purple bark is the order of the day. I mixed the red with metallic blue. I like mixing colors for organic stuff, since you can never get the exact match when you make more. I think that ends up looking more organic.

And the leaves. You could leave them like this ...

... but I didn't. I think chlorophyll is chlorophyll, no matter where. Plus, it makes things a bit more familiar for John Carter.

Especially since none of the rest of the stuff is familiar to him.


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