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Doctor Who Risk

This is the Doctor Who Risk set.
Many moons ago, I was skeptical about buying "theme" Risk sets. If it's the same game, who cares what figures you use.
Bit One: The first one I (begrudgingly) bought was Risk 2210. It was awesome. Instead of just skinning the game for future combat, it was a well-done reuse of the basic core mechanism introducing new, good mechanics and flavour. To this day, it is still one of my favourites!
Bit Two: This one (also with a good mechanic - there have been a few that did nothing for me) also has ... well, you can see it in the pic ... who cares ... DALEKS! EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE!

... ugly Daleks! Well, the black ones and grey ones were OK. But the rest of the colors have to go. And they have reasonable detail, so they could be touched up a bit to look quite good. And something else ...

The singles fit well with 15mm figures and the triples (three armies) fit well with 20mm. We also get a 15mm scale TARDIS.

So I am going to go the easy route and work with the reasonable colors first.

Lights and dots are all I need. This was fairly easy, but very laborious. A simple taks repeated many many times through many many rugby matches on TV.

But I came out with ones (the greys), threes (the blacks), and fives (the golds) as a set for the Risk game. Same total numbers as the ones and threes.

But (conceptual flaw in the game), you can't just have Daleks!
So I got some 15mm dudes in berets to be UNIT. Daleks will fight against UNIT.
One mod ... I took the pointing guys and bent a number of their arms down to their side. You really don't need so many dudes pointing, "Hey! There are the Daleks! Over there!"
Daleks are not known for their stealth.

UNIT gets ones and threes with one and three figures per base. My only concern was whether or not this will clutter the board too much. Turns out, it doesn't.

Shiny silver guys? Yep ... Cybermen. It's just not a world invasion without Cybermen, now is it?
Yes, they don't look like classic Cybermen. Then again, I believe every episode with Cybermen in it had a slightly different design.
For the big units, I have cut up some bits of paper clip.

I glued them on to the arm to make a big gun for the "fives" of this force.

Just ones and fives for Cybermen.

So here is a board view of three Doctor Who forces in play.
The game does have a mechanic for the TARDIS, too, so I thought I would detail it a bit as well.