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So, we all know these guys. And I think they will make a nice set of civilians for games.

BTW, if you only know the TV show or the movies, check out
Charles Addams' cartoons for the New Yorker. Very much worth the effort.

So I root around my HeroClix to find some good base figures.

In the middle there I have J Jonah Jameson who will make a good Gomez. Surprisingly, the figure is not smoking a cigar, but I can fix that easily. And Poison Ivy to be Morticia. She has the form and the pose. I will need to remove the vine and fill in the skirt.

On the left are UGo Girl and Leech. Leech just needs a potbelly to be Pugsley. Wednesday will require a lot more work. I initially intended to just use the dolls from Dollmaker (there in the back), but it turned out that with his legs off, the apron made a decent dress. So I will just add the girl legs on and the girl head.

Professor Ivo will make a good Uncle Fester. Usually I remove the robot head (Amazo's, if you care) when I use this to make a robed figure. I think I can just leave it on. I will need a bald head, but look at that DollMaster. And Mad Harriet's hair and expression just scream Grandmama. I will just need to give her a big dress.

Pugsley is pretty much a paint job. Wendesday required a little work. I had to fill in the back of the apron to make it a dress, then I added the braids. I'm pretty good at French braids, so I just make them from scrap floss and glue them on.

Morticia and Grandmama just needed the skirts filled in. I am more and more liking Grandmama's pose. She might make a good Schwartzwald witch.

And here's the whole set. Lurch was pretty much a repaint of the giant Blockbuster figure. I also have added Itt and Thing.

Itt was just a pretty easy sculpt. I glued a stick to the base, then wrapped Crayola air dry clay around it. The hair was just simple down strokes. Putting the part in the top of his hair is what I think distinguishes this from just a blob.

Thing was just some leftover bits. I had the boxm, added a lid, and glued it on to a table. The hand is a little large (it's a leftover orc hand), but by itself like this, I think it works.