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Storage Crate Buildings

OK, so these are cheap plastic fences that I get in the package with cheap plastic farm animals. Of course, the toy animals are great for converisions ... (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) but what to do with the other bits that come in the package. The irregular and bigger-than-28mm scale of pieces is a bit of a hindrance. So instead of using them as fences outright, we are going to use them as a frame to build on.

First thing first, we need some bases so they can stand up on the wargaming table.

I used Loctite Stik 'n Seal Indoor Adhesive to get them on the cardboard. It's great for conversions with dissimilar materials.

I also beveled the ends of the bases after they were glued together. Having the base end in a point will allow me to get them close together at all kinds of angles.

Now we're on to "upgrading" the fence structure with some plastic canvas. I just laid the fences down, marked off the face area, and cut them out.

Loctite again to stick the canvas to the fences, and a little more to put some strips of thin card for the gate area of the fence.

I didn't originally plan to have a gate in the fence ... yeah, I know, but I didn't think of it ... but in cutting out the fence pieces I had some odd shaped ends left over. So instead of pitching them, I made a gate.

I just spray painted the whole assemblies silver. Pretty easy and basic, but also generic enough to work in a number of different environments.

This is my favourite base cover (when I do something with bases other than make them solid black). Brown paint, sand, and wood glue. It makes a nice and easy gritty, dirty texture with minimum fuss. After that, hit it with a light brown dry brush and a dark brown or black wash.

So in comparison to the 28mm minis, you can see why these fences don't really work well on their own. You can probably also see that these aren't really the guys you would expect to come in through the gate!


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