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Volcanic Monsters

Here are a few fireheaded 'Clix minis to add to my volcanic threats forces that started with volcanic terrain boards then breanched out in to some figures like the Volcano God and a few others I haven't chronicled.

There will be one fewer figure. Since the Superboy with the red contrail doesn't have a flaming head, I will be swapping in the firehead from the Red Landern on his left. That will leave me with a basic male spandex body ... armature/dollie basis for some other conversion.

These guys will use the same basic approach as the terrain - fire colour undercoating with black ash on top. I painted all the bodies (being careful to skip the translucent fireheads and contrails) metallic gold, then spotted over that with metallic red. The head swap is also complete here, so the RL figure is gone to the bits pile.

Then they get dabbed with black to do the ash outer crust.

Here they are examples of the other volcanic forces. The Volcano God is back there, along with a couple of more whispy fire-and-no-ash figures and some thicker mostly ash and a little fire figures. Disembodied flames in the midground and 15mm Khurasan Mantis Men. just behind the new guys is an effrit made from the same figure as the fomless ash blobs in the back, but I cut him down to one leg (a smoke pillar) and then accentuated his face. I have three of these total.

Click the above pic for a larger version of the whole family.