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With Apologies to Mr. Golding...

So, I got some giant, giant bugs at Hobby Lobby for a buck each (in a bag of ten). I mean big. For scale, that's a 6" tall doll ... er ... pro wrestling action figure.

BTW, the beetles on the right are painted up to go with what used to pass for giant bugs (about 1 1/4" long) from an earlier conversion.

Also, note the what-used-to-be-giant flies on the bottom. Like real flies, they're not hanging around for a while.

So here's where wer're going. I had three figures, so I could grab an extra set of arms. And the hands from this demon figure that I didn't use for the minotaur conversion.

So I took off the head, and added two extra arms. Know where this is going? Speaking of which, for this wrestling figure, I had to resort to a coping saw to get the head and arms off. Highly recommended for little kids; well built.

Yep. This is where we are going. I usually find it is needed to putty over the joints on d..action figures like this. It covers the mechanics of the joint and holds it in a static pose. This time, I've used plumber's putty. Dries quickly; holds hard.

Here's one of the elementary school counting bugs, another CD base, and a bit of 22 gauge copper wire (insulated).

The flies get mounted on one end of the wire and the other end (with that sinusoidial twist) gets glued to the base.

Rinse and repeat, then we have a ring of flies around the outside of the base.

And we repeat the technique with some smaller bases, one bug to a base. With the 'Clix bases, I can bring the wire through the window in the top, and loop it inside the bottom of the base.

The big fly guy and his base sandwich on top of the ring of flies based, held together with more plumber's putty. The rest of the flies get their wire stands puttied on to the bottom of the other bases.

A black base coat is the perfect starter then lots of dry brushing with various colors of metallic paint.

One more detail ... the wrestler doesn't come with wings on his back (I'm sure some do...). So, we take some more wire and make a couple of wing frames to glue into holes I augured out of the back.

Once those set, I will glue some plastic wrap over the frames and paint on some veins

Here's the horde of smaller flies by themselves ...

... and in the context of some 28mm figures. When fighting giant bugs, it is best to have a giant bird!

Now, the big guy (6 inches) in the context of a handful of 28mm Japanese figures.

Epilogue: Here is another flying horror using the same techniques (done at the same time) and leveraging a number of miscelaneous bits. Caterpillar body segments left over from other bug projects, the head from a 'Clix Dragon Man (Marvel superhero), a spiky dinosaur tail, and two 'Clix Batman capes.


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