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Happy New Year!

It's time to increase the orc hordes again Well ... pretty much all the time is the time to increase the orc hordes. This time, we will be using two flying apparatuses to get the lil' monsters up off the ground.

There in red is, obviously, Plastic Man! This is a HeroClix figure of good ol' Plas formed into a hang glider. Just the right size to put some orcs under him. The other one is a bit from the Magic TCG miniatures game. It goes on a (steampunk? clockpunk?) samurai. I got a bunch and didn't like tons of them like that, so I just did up the samurai without wings and saved these from another project. This project.

I will be using mix-and-match orc bits from two sets, just like I did for the orc angel project.

The steam-/clock-punk ones are good to go as is, but Plas needed some modification first. I decapitated him, but left the arms (which will support a cross-bar later on. I also scarred up the top surface (the one you will see the most) to make it more orcy. As well as slicing it into panels, I also dragged the knife across the cuts to make them less clean and more like orc fabric ends.

This is my (cheap) hobby 3D printer pen. As well as digging into the hang gliders I am going to layer some bits on top to be stitches and hems. In the past, I would use liquid latex for this, but the plastic dries fast so you can keep going instead of waiting for the latex to dry. The plastic hardens basically immediately, but you still should wait an hour or so to make sure it has a good hold before you paint.

This is what we ended up with. Usually I have to do a five minute or so warm up with the 3D pen so I am making good, solid straight lines. Fortunately for this project, that is not what I wanted.

Then we just glue in some orcs and paint them up.

I went with the hang glider figures lying horizontal and the smaller wing ones standing vertically. This provides a little more variety and could more easily support two different modalities of flight for the orcs.

Here's a reasonable top shot of a hang glider. Multiple shades of brown helps bring out the patchwork nature of an orc construction and is emphasized by the seams (gauges in the figure) and bulges.

And here's the whole crew. Six of each.

I put the horizontal ones on a "flight base" made from a regular base and a drywall anchor, like I did with my * Goblin Bat Cavalry