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Medieval/Fan tasy Forge

These are the parts of a GW Dwarvish forge. Pretty much the way they belong, except without the bits and minis mounted on the anvil platform. I had to fill in the holes where they were supposed to glue in.

Likewise, here are the figures that belong with it. I did the dwarves up in green and white (Michigan State Spartan colours). They fit pretty well with the other 25mm Medieval figures. Maybe a little bit short and a touch more ornate.

The guy who is supposed be putting the metal in the forge is holding the stick, so he gets to be a standard bearer instead. The blacksmith didn't have a good hand, so I hid that with a shield.

Oh, yeah, so that picture on the box is what this set was supposed to look like in the first place. So slight mods to make the whole thing more useful for gaming and less like a set piece.

But what are all those lines ..?

Oh! Cut lines!

So first, we cut the box into four pieces.

Then se cut archways so we have open space through the three major sections

And tape them together, to make a solid form.

Then add some more card for extra stability, and better feel/decor.

The last piece goes laterally across the top. Again, this adds some stability to the piece, and lets us put on a roof. We're really suggesting a roof, and leaving the inside open to aid gaming. Also the combination of flat surfaces and angled ones, as well as the elevation change makes it easy to put figures on the roof and have complex interactions without complex rules.

A little ballpoint black ink lining and brown paint overtop (which lets the ink bleed through, and the lines from the ball point tip give texture) gives us a decent wood look. So we have a nice place to put our forge.

A little more on the ball point technique, this time using some thick card pieces from a game I don't play (I bought it for the minis inside).

I've cut the pieces into the shapes I need.

Then parallel lines using a ruler for the planks and lighter lines for the wood grain.

Since these are thick card, it is OK to just glue it all together. The design with the overlaps helps it connect with itself to keep stable.

Speaking of stable, when you paint it up, it would make a nice stable or other outbuilding. Could be an outhouse, depending on your privacy requirements ...