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City Fountains

Here's some bits for a fun little scratchbuild - big lids, CD's, littler lids, and some plastic toy figures. I'm going to assemble these into a couple of fountains with statues in the middle.

The secret is to have the CD just fit inside the big lid and have the small lids fit just over the center hub for the CD. I recommend bringing a CD-ROM with you to the grocery store to test against lids before you select your peanut butter brand. (Even though neither of these is a PB jar lid. That's just my regular go-to for this project.)

I have painted around the ouside edges of the lids with paint/glue/sand mix to give them a textured concrete feel. I also textured up the army men, which makes them kind of grubby, but not the dog. Still have the clean sculpt lines on him. Which you pick depends on what effect you are going for.

Likewise, the CD's get blue ink, which ends up translucent. I apply a couple of layers, and don't worry about getting a full coverage. The top one (that will go with the army men) is all straight lines, left to right. The bottom one is lines from the center.

The CD's also get gloss PVA sealant, applied thickly. This will meld the ink and give the surface of the water texture. Again, the top one is all straight lines across and the bottom one is puffs, painted out from the center.

The army men fountain is a good ol' Soviet war monument, so I gave it a lot of white streaks to emphasize disrepair and neglect. Likewise, the water got a coat of black wash once the sealant was dry. It ends up with several layers, incuding the underneath mirror/holographic effect CD medium.

Note that it is big enough to create several different line of sight and movement conditions. Possibly a hazard, too depending on how slimy and filthy you think the water is.

The dog got a bronzing - metallic bronze paint mixed with brown, a gloss coat, then light drybrushing with metallic bronze by itself.

This one produces a brighter, ripply water effect.