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Kitsune Space Marines

Here is my set of kitsune scifi light infantry or scouts made from a heroclix figure with a fox-like head and tail and some Warhammer 40K space marines.

Without the big pauldrons on their shoulders, they will work for a faster moving, strike type force or possibly spies and recon or other sneaky-beakies. That's good for foxes.

These are the basic guys. Since I was using cheap, second-hand space marines, I didn't have "proper" weapons for all of them. So I cannibalized some left over weapon options from some 15mm tanks. I think this mix makes them look like a multi purpose spec ops team, and the longer barrels look a lot like sniper weapons.

And here are a few guys with more traditional 40K weapons.

Leaping dude was already mounted on the paperclip for leaping, and I thought that worked well with the fox theme, so I just rebased him as is.

And, of course, we have a flamethrower. I added the backpack from a couple of slices of an old paintbrush, then connected it to the weapon with a bit of wire.

This guy could also be carrying obscurant (sneaky, sneaky), a chemical weapon, pheremone marker, rapid hardening foam, or any number of other exotic things.

These guys are fennec foxes, so different colouring. They also have longer ears than the standard red fox, so I splintered some scrap wood with my nippers and glued it to the back of the ears to make fennec ears.

And ... pandanators.

Because reasons.